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Walk Safely On Halloween

As you prepare for Halloween, take a moment to think about being visible and staying safe on a night when distractions, costumes and candy abound.

Walk Safely on HalloweenWhile trick-or-treating on Halloween, costumed children are four times more likely to be injured by motorists than on other nights of the year according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Here are some tips to help children, parents and motorists stay safe while having fun:


  • SLOW DOWN in residential neighborhoods; children may be darting into the street.
  • Remember to “stop for pedestrians” in crosswalks.  It’s the law in New Jersey.
  • Don’t be a distracted driver by talking on the phone; even hands-free is a distraction!


  • Plan a “trick-or-treating route” with the fewest street crossings.
  • Carry a flash light to help you be seen and extend your visibility of the road.
  • Wear reflective clothing so that motorists can see you.


  • Add reflective tape to your costume to help motorists see you at a greater distance.
  • Use face paint instead of wearing a mask so that your vision is not obstructed.
  • Put a flashlight in your trick-or-treat bucket to free up one hand and light your path.
  • Walk on the sidewalk, not in the street.  No sidewalks? Walk FACING traffic.
  • Don't jaywalk. It's against the law and is especially dangerous on Halloween.
  • Trick-or-treat in a group if possible.