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Morris County Economic Development Corporation - Looking Out for Morris County Employers

This month, instead of highlighting a New Jersey Smart Workplace, we’re shining the spotlight on an agency TransOptions works closely with to assist future and current Morris County employers.

The Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) is a collaboration of government, business and community partners dedicated to growing the economy of Morris County. It operates as a division of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, providing programs and services that result in business attraction, creation, retention, expansion and transition.

In March, the MCEDC hosted a meeting of Morris County’s Mayors, presenting trends in business and community development aimed at attracting a talented workforce. As an MCEDC partner and resource to municipalities, TransOptions was there to answer questions. The county’s up-and-coming workforce is increasingly attracted to communities that are less reliant on automobile travel, where work and home are geographically closer to each other.

The MCEDC also attended the quarterly Business Executive meeting of the Mt. Olive Area Chamber of Commerce where they presented a program entitled Transit Options with “TransOptions” and the MCEDC. Thanks to their assistance, TransOptions is preparing a number of employee zip code maps for Mt Olive employers. These maps provide a geographical representation of where their employees live in relation to the workplace. The information identifies groups of employees who travel from the same area to help maximize ridesharing opportunity and efficiency.

The Morris County Economic Development Corporation serves as a powerful ally for businesses seeking a new location, as well as for those currently operating in the county. To learn more please explore their website at http://www.morriscountyedc.org/Default.asp

If you wish to learn more about obtaining a zip code map for your business, please contact Cathy Boccard at (973) 267-7600.