Tools and Resources

List of Resources

Back-to-School Checklist
Starting a Walking School Bus: The Basics
Let’s Walk to School Coloring Activity
Let’s Bike There Coloring Activity
Upcoming 2021 Safe Routes to School Encouragement Programs!
Winter Wellness Week!
GoForGood Encouragement Program: Scavenger Hunt
GoForGood Encouragement Program: BINGO
Bicycle Education Activities for Grades 6-8
Helmet Safety Activity
WalkQuest Hero Board Game
WalkQuest Hero Game Cards
Safety Themed Memory Card Game
Spot the Safety Hazards Activity
Student Travel Tally Sheet
A Compendium of State SRTS Programs
Getting Results: SRTS Programs that Reduce Speeding and Distracted Driving
Getting More Students to Walk and Bike to School for Practitioners
NJ SRTS Travel Plan Guide
Crosswalk Warning Palm Card
School Zone Tip Sheet

Other Resources

National Center for Safe Routes to School
New Jersey Safe Routes to School
The New Jersey Safe Routes to School Resource Center
International Walk to School