Senior Driving

Keeping Older Drivers Safe and Mobile

The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety is working with its traffic safety partners to ensure that older drivers have access to training, technology and information that enables them to continue to drive safely as long as possible.

Keeping older drivers safe affects others as well. Passengers (often grandchildren), pedestrians and other drivers are vulnerable to the foibles of senior drivers..Senior drivers need to be alert to changes and conditions that can impede their driving, such as:

  • Vision changes that limit their ability to focus properly, adjust to glare, see objects from the side and see in the dark or low light times of day
  • Slower or delayed reaction times, slower reflexes and drowsiness due to medications, judging distance, speed and road conditions
  • Reduced flexibility and movement due to conditions that cause stiffness, pain and weakness in joints

How can TransOptions help?

TransOptions offers a Senior Driving Safety program to senior groups, clubs and community organizations at no cost. We even bring our own equipment! The program includes a PowerPoint presentation with senior-focused safe driving tips. A brief question and answer session is held immediately following. For more information or to set up a class, contact Judy Bortman at (973) 267-7600, or send her an email here.