In-Class Bicycle Education

Ride to School Ride for Fun

This in-class and off-bike education program is available to students from K-8, and teaches them the importance of helmet safety, how to read road signs, and the general rules of the road.  The program is developed to provide training to the school’s Physical Education teachers to conduct the lesson during regularly scheduled PE classes at their convenience.  Our certified staff will assist your school in assimilating the lesson plans into your PE curriculum, all the while providing the education and encouragement to students to ride to school, ride safely, and to have FUN! 

Street Simulation Course

Our hands-on Street Simulation Course for the older students, provides and engaging and educational lesson that focuses on the roles of a driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist, and is conducted in a regularly scheduled PE class. 

For more information regarding the In-Class Bicycle Education Program, contact our Bike Safety Specialist Bill Feeney, or our Safe Routes to School Coordinator Joseph Weiss.

School Curriculum Resources

Grades K - 1

Lesson Plans
Activity Book
Good/Bad Bicycle Rider Poster
Helmet Demonstration Pictures
Bike Right Bingo

Grades 2 - 3

Lesson Plans
Activity Book
Traffic Signs Game - Playing Board
Traffic Signs Game - Sign Markers

Grades 4 - 6

Lesson Plans
Biking and Me Worksheet
Helmet Fit Checklist
Parts of the Brain Chart
Parts of the Bike Worksheet
Parts of the Bike Labels
Visibility Poster
Bike Riding Dangers Poster
Sprockets of Biking Worksheet
Simulation Course Guide
Simulation Course Key
Bicycle Lane Sign
Do Not Enter Sign
Stop Sign
One Way Sign
Traffic Light - Green
Yield Sign
Car Door Hazard Sign
Debris Hazard Sign
Sewer Grate Sign
Railroad Tracks Hazard Sign
Leaves Hazard Sign

Grades 7 - 8

Parts of the Bike Worksheet
Parts of the Bike Labels
Cross Chaining Poster
All Geared Up Worksheet
Helmet Fit Checklist
Bicycle Checklist