Hydrogen Car Challenge

H2 ChallengeThe Hydrogen Car Challenge (H2 Challenge) is one of two hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs offered by TransOptions. The H2 Challenge was first run in 2007, in keeping with TransOptions' commitment to educate students about the existence of alternative fuels. The program is open to high school students only and is a perfect follow-up to the Junior Solar Sprints.

The challenge requires students to design, build and race alternative energy model cars. In the process of designing their car, students learn about fuel cell technology. They are also required to submit a documentation portfolio, which presents the team's concepts, designs and comments.

For additional information about the challenge and other free environmental education programs, please contact Kristen Tomasicchio at 973-267-7600 or send her an email here.

Download the H2 Challenge Rules and Regulations 

To view our 2020 H2 videos and winners on YouTube, click here

2021 Race Date and Details

TransOptions has made the decision to hold our annual Hydrogen Car Challenge as a virtual event for this year in light of the ongoing pandemic. We are asking for video submissions in lieu of an person event. While there will be several changes, the competition will remain free. Kits are free and yours to keep. As usual the mini fuel cells are loaned and must be returned. One kit includes: 1 motor, 1 set of gears, 1 battery holder (for testing), 2 front wheels, 2 back wheels, 2 steel axles, 2 alligator clips and 2 eye hooks. To request kit materials, click here.

To receive all updates regarding our virtual H2 competition, email Kristen Tomasicchio (click here) to be added to our educator email list.

Virtual H2 2021

  • Competition entries will be a video submission, emailed directly to me as an attachment or shared via Google. Entries are due by 12/6
  • Videos will be scored for points in Craftsmanship, Engineering and Documentation (the video itself)
  • In lieu of Speed we will score cars for Functionality – in your video you should include clips of your cars movement to showcase its speed, alignment and so on
  • Scores will be cumulative across the 4 categories and result in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall winners. We will not be doing winners in each individual category
  • Videos will be hosted on our YouTube page. We will have a Student Choice award for the video with the most likes
  • Students that win in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Student Choice will receive a gift card award!

Winners will be announced in a YouTube premier video on December 17th!

H2: The Hydrogen Car Challenge