H2 Vehicle Judges

- 4 NEEDED -

A volunteer for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell competition is chosen by the President of TransOptions and/or the Volunteer Coordinator based upon the volunteer’s willingness to support the event.

I. Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Basic understanding of the event and day’s procedure
  • Minimum of basic engineering knowledge, advance knowledge preferred
  • Vehicles will be judged on Craftsmanship, Engineering, Best Use of Recycled Materials and Documentation Portfolio. 
    • A matrix will be given to each judge to help with this process. 
  • Vehicles will be awarded points from 1 -5 in each subcategory of the matrix
  • Ability to talk to High School students about their model cars
  • Attend a short volunteer meeting the week prior to the event.

II. Timeline

  • There is one race in December, usually the 3rdWednesday of the month
  • Judges must arrive by 8:00am and stay until the end of judging as deemed by the Volunteer Coordinator or Project Manager. Usually between 12:00 noon and 1:00pm.
  • Judges will be invited to TransOptions’ Recognition Breakfast in July.

III. Age

  • 18+ years old