Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Challenge?

The Northwest New Jersey Bike to Work Challenge is a free, friendly competition where avid and novice bike commuters can get together to compete for prizes and bragging rights. Here’s how it works:

  1. Challengers each create their own online profiles by registering on our BTW Registration Page.
  2. Start riding.
  3. After your trip, log into your profile and enter your miles traveled to and/or from work.
  4. If you choose to create or join a Bike Team, your miles will be automatically added to your teammate’s miles.

Why are you hosting the Challenge?

It’s simple; our goal is to encourage commuters to use a bike instead of a motorized vehicle more frequently to further reduce traffic and avoid congestion.

Who can compete in the Challenge?

Anyone (age 18+) who lives or works in TransOptions’ service area and commutes by bike to work can participate.

My bike trips are short; will I be able to win anything at all?

Yes, the Challenge gives everyone a chance to win prizes or awards regardless of how far you need to travel. We feel you shouldn’t be at a disadvantage because you live near your work.

What bike trips count?

Any bike commutes to or from work between May 1st – 31st count as one trip.

For example, you can bike to work and carpool home and it will qualify as one trip!

Why do I need to log my miles?

Your miles will count toward the weekly competition, they will serve as a tiebreaker in case two teams tie in trips taken and they will also help us track CO2 emissions saved.

How do I sign up?

You can register on our BTW Registration Page. The competition starts May 1st, but registration opens March 15th.

Your registration will enter you as an individual competing for “Champion Challenger” prizes as well as “Most Miles Biked” prizes and “Resolute Rider” awards. However if you choose to register or join a Bike Team, you can also compete for Team prizes as well.

What is a Bike Team?

A Bike Team can be any group of up to 5 Challengers. After forming your team, each teammate’s individual trips/miles will be automatically added together. At the end of the Challenge, the Bike Team with the most accumulated trips wins our “Team Challenge” prize.

Can my company form a bike team?

Sure, but only 5 registered Challengers can be on one team at a time. If you have more than 5 employees who want to participate, simply create two teams!

Is there an advantage to forming a Bike Team?

Yes, the advantage of starting or joining a bike team is you will be able to compete for prizes in addition to the prizes you may win as an individual commuter. Plus, it is a really fun way to get your friends to ride with you.

How do I start a team?

It’s easy! During registration, every Challenger will be given the option to create a bike team. Simply enter a team name, add a logo/picture (optional) and invite up to 4 friends by entering their email addresses.

How do I join a team already created?

During registration, select “Join a Team” and search through the list of teams created, find the team you are looking for and select it to join.

How do I log my trip miles when I take public transit?

We encourage our Challengers to supplement their ride by using public transportation, but to be fair to the other Challengers we ask you only log your miles traveled while on your bike.

So please do not log your 60 mile train trip to the city; only your miles to and/or from the station count.

How often should I log my miles biked?

In order for your miles to count toward the “Most Miles Biked” competition (see below) you must complete your updates before 5 p.m. on the following Tuesday of each week of the competition.

But don’t worry if you fail to log your trips/miles one week. You can always revisit the website anytime throughout the month to log your trips/miles for any day and they will count for the Team and “Champion Challenger” Prizes.

What can I win?

Challengers can win in one of 4 ways:

  1. “Champion Challenger” Prizes“
  2. “Most Miles Biked” (weekly)
  3. “Bike Team” Winners
  4. “Resolute Riders”

Visit our Bike To Work Prizes page for more information.