Emergency Ride Home

What is an Emergency Ride Home?TransOptions offers a program for commuters who rideshare or take an alternative commute (carpool, vanpool, bicycle or mass transit) and need a ride home due to an emergency or unexpected illness. This program is a commuter's safety net in cases of overtime for a carpool partner, illness, child's illness, or other emergency.

Who is Eligible?

  • Anyone who commutes by carpool, vanpool, bicycle, or public transit with a work destination in TransOptions' service area and is registered
  • Participating employee must ride-share or bike on average of 3 times per week.
  • ERH usage is limited to two (2) times per year per person.
  • The ERH is FREE!

 How will I get home?There are many options available, like:

  • Livery Service (used when too ill to drive or unable to drive).
  • Rental Car (used when able to drive and returning to work the next day).
  • Taxi Cab

 4 Simple Steps To Your Ride Home

  • The individual must register with TransOptions.
  • The individual will call TransOptions for the ERH and to receive a voucher.
  • TransOptions will arrange for the appropriate ride home.
  • The individual will have either a rental car, taxi or livery service pick them up and must give their voucher to the driver.

Why does TransOptions offer ERH?We offer an ERH Program to encourage people to leave single occupancy vehicles at home. We want to assure them that they can get home in an emergency situation. TransOptions knows that many of the solutions to traffic congestion and air quality issues lie with commuters who travel by carpool, vanpool, bike or public transportation to and from work.

How can I get more information on the ERH Program?Call TransOptions today at (973) 267-7600.