Bike Right® Commute Route Planning

Let TransOptions Help You Plan a Commute by BikeInterested in commuting to work but not sure what roads to take? Rely on TransOptions' expert knowledge to guide you to the safest and most convenient roads to make your bike commute an easy one.

TransOptions' staff of experienced bike commuters and coaches will take the time to assess your work location and nearby bicycle infrastructure. After our assessment, we will email you a detailed report that will include various routes and infrastructure information including:

  • Street bicycle "ride-ability"
  • Terrain
  • Public Transit Information
  • Park and Ride Information
  • Tips on riding gear and what to wear

If you live or work in TransOptions' service area and would like to know more about your bike routing options, contact Emily Gates at (973) 267-7600, or email her with the following information:

  • Your start and end locations
  • Your earliest/latest commuting times to and from work
  • Your level of comfort riding on streets with moderate to heavy traffic