Adult Learn to Ride FAQs

What should I expect?

The class moves at your own individualized pace. Our coaches will remove your pedals to get you rolling confidently and safely on two wheels using the intuitive “balance first” method. You’ll have your toes on the ground, always able to catch yourself, until you’ve mastered maintaining your balance while coasting. After you feel comfortable completing laps around our oval shaped course, we will put your pedals back on and provide you with one-on-one support to introduce pedaling, starting and stopping. No skinned knees or bruises here! Your coach will help you practice these techniques and give you recommendations on how to best continue practicing moving forward. Each class is limited to 15 participants to ensure our coaches can provide each student with individualized attention.

Is this class right for me?

• You are 14 years or older • You have never been on a bike before • You have tried to learn how to ride before but it didn’t work out • You learned to ride a long time ago and want a refresher on basics like balancing, pedaling and steering

What should I bring?

• A bike. You don’t need a top of the line, high performance bike. However, you do need a bike that functions safely (the brakes work, the wheels spin freely) and fits you. If a bike is too small, you’ll end up uncomfortably hunched over the handlebars and won’t have space to freely move your legs to pedal. If a bike is too big, it’s difficult to control and exhausting to hold upright. If you’re unsure about the fit, your local bike shop can help! • Water, water, water • Closed-toe shoes • Sun protection • Weather appropriate clothes you feel comfortable moving around in. We recommend lots of layers!

Should I sign up for more than one session?

No. Even if you don’t completely master riding during the initial session, our coaches will show you exactly how to continue practicing at home.

Can I register with friends?

Sure! As long as there is space in the class, we’re happy to accommodate groups. If your friends are also looking to learn, please make sure that everyone registers individually and brings a bike. If your friends already know how to ride and are just coming to cheer you on, they’re welcome to just tag along the day of. Please don’t register friends who already know how to ride a bike.

What if I don't have any high-tech bike gear?

Come just as you are! We’re all about bike riding being fun and accessible for everyone. As long as you feel comfortable in your clothes and are able to move around freely, you’re good to go. Sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings, jeans, shorts, whatever suits your style. We do ask that all participants wear close-toed shoes but any sort of sneaker does the trick.

What about weather-related cancellations?

Your safety is our main concern. Our coaches or hosting community partners will decide if any inclement weather presents safety hazards. You will be notified ahead of time, by phone with a follow up email, if a class is postponed. Classes typically continue in sprinkles or light flurries but if conditions are unsafe or the pavement is slick, we will not hold the class. Some classes may have a rain date but most do not. If your class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled.

I'm on the wait list. What happens now?

Thank you for your patience as we try to accommodate the demand for these classes. You will be notified immediately, if a slot becomes available. Slots open as registered participants cancel so this may be last minute. If we are unable to get you into the class, our coaches will do their best to get you into an upcoming class.

NWhat if I can no longer attend the class I registered for?

If you registered through a community partner, please contact them to cancel your reservation. If you registered through TransOptions, please contact Emily Casey at or 967-267-7600 to cancel your reservation. We appreciate you cancelling as early as possible so we can invite someone on the wait list to fill the open spot. Once you’ve canceled, please feel free to re-resister for another class that better fits your schedule.

This class sounds awesome! How can I help?

It’s the coolest moment when suddenly, it clicks, and someone takes off across the parking lot on their bike. TransOptions invites volunteers, ages 16 and older, to come and be a part of this experience. Volunteers may assist with inflating bike tires, making sure bikes are in safe working order and encouraging students throughout the class. Our coaches are happy to have you on board for one or more sessions and will train you in all that you need to know. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kristen Tomasicchio at or 967-267-7600.